Gas prices may have rolled back a few cents, but they are still too high.  And it’s not just gas for your auto.

How do you heat your home?

Electric? Oil? Propane? All also expensive.

There must be people in Maine that have never given a moment’s thought to an alternative energy source, but maybe they now would consider it. Certainly not for everyone, but maybe the idea of solar energy isn't so far-fetched.

No skin in the game. No idea what is involved. And no concept of what the start-up cost would be for solar panels to power your home.

But with what is going on with energy costs, maybe some are considering the possibility of at least exploring alternative options, like solar.

There is an auction house in Hermon, Maine, that you may or may not have heard of.  Central Maine Auction Center is hosting an auction this Friday at 10 a.m.

Again this is not hype for them, a friend told me about the auction, and honestly, I’d just returned from filling the car with gas and was thinking about what the cost will be the next time the propane truck comes to the house.

Our state is one of the nation's four coldest, and heating needs during the frigid winters contribute to Maine having the highest per capita energy use in New England.

Who knows if solar panels will become more popular in Maine. At least, it might be a good time to consider, as our energy costs have gone so high.

Maybe it is not such a crazy idea after all.

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