This is a perfect fit. A sock drive and it is being held at the oldest shoe store in America. Let that sink in.

Colburn Shoe Store is once again this year asking the community to help fill their window for their fourth annual Sock Drive.

They are partnered with the United Way and in just 3 years have collected 18,000 pairs of socks.

Colburn Shoe Store owner Colby Horne says:

I have no idea how we can top the 8,000 pair that were donated last year but we are up for the challenge and will figure it out when we do. I'm not aware of any official records for a sock drive but if there was one, we want to break it.

What does a window full of socks look like?

Here is a photo from last year.

Colby Horne
Colby Horne

This is quite an amazing accomplishment. Of course, it is a sense of community that people are so generous with their donations, but in just 3 years 18 thousand pair have been donated. First year was 2020 and they collected 4 thousand pair. Next year it was up to 6,000. And last year 8,000 pair amassed.

Also amazing, this is the oldest shoe store in America.

Colby is the 5th generation owner of the store that has been in his family for 102 years.

Another look?

Colby Horne
Colby Horne

Colburn Shoe Store is located at 79 Main Street in Belfast. When they announced this year's kick off, they immediately had 74 pair donated. Socks will be collected until mid - December and then will be donated through the United Way to local schools and local charities.

Here is how to be a part of the record-breaking sock donation.

  • Drop off socks at the store on Main Street in Belfast.
  • Mail socks to the store (and you can order them online)
  • Donate Money. Each dollar will be stretched as far as it will go. Donations can be mailed to the store or made through the shop online feature on the store website here.

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