This video will show you how the snowmobile races happened last weekend with almost no snow on the ground in Bangor.

Jen Khavari at Eastern Maine Community College told me that the folks who put together the Snocross course in Bangor are amazing, turning an inch of snow into a pile. I believed her, but didn't fully appreciate what she meant until I watched this beautifully shot video from Papperazzi Imaging. Wow! Kudos to Lane Construction, who built the track, and to Bangor Public Works, Bangor Airport, and the Bangor Mall that made the snow course a reality, despite the total lack of snow in the adjoining parking lot.

The video shows everything from the serious racers to the little tykes on their tiny sleds. They're so cute! (The kids, not the adults. THEY looked fierce!) If you attended, you know how exciting the event is. But if you're one of the folks who heard the whine of the sleds but didn't get a chance to go over, this video will make you want to go next year!

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