The man is a legend, but he doesn't know how to pronounce Bangor.  Apparently, he hasn't watched the video.

Check out this video of Sleepy LaBeef and his band performing at the American Folk Festival this past Sunday.  Prior to performing "Tulsa Time," the bass player of the group made mention that they would be changing the lyrics around a little bit, and that they did.

Instead of "Living on Tulsa time," the lyrics were changed to "Living on Bangor time."  Except as most "people from away," the name of the city came out "Bang-er."

You'll see members of the audience chuckle every time the verse was sung.  It's especially funny when old Sleepy yells out, "Everybody now!"

At the end of the song a "man with a plan" quickly approaches the band to give them the correct pronunciation of our fine city's name.  Sleepy compares the mispronunciation of Bangor to someone from away saying Baa-Haabor for the first time.

And yes, they did apologize.

Other than that snafu, you really have to respect Sleepy for all those years of great entertainment, and we hope to see him back in Bang-ER again real soon y'all!




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