The American Folk Festival is free to get in, but certainly not free to put on, so organizers are offering a new way to donate this year - by text message!

It takes nearly $1 million dollars to put on the annual festival each year, and yet, admission is free with only a 'suggested donation' of $10 per day. All the operating costs for the American Folk Festival are obtained through donations, grants, and sponsorships, so organizers are always looking for new ways for supporters to contribute. The annual Color Bangor fun run raises some of the money. And now, folks can donate through their cellphones.

Executive Director Heather McCarthy says it's a two-step process that they're calling the 'Festival Two-Step.' With a society that's turning away from carrying cash, this seemed like a good option for folks who may not have some bills to drop into the Bucket Brigade's collection tubs.

To donate through texting, text BUCKET to 20222 and reply to the message received. That reply will trigger a one-time donation of $10 which will be added to the user's cellphone bill. The text-to-give feature will be available throughout the months of August and September, and donors will receive an 'I Kicked In' sticker (indicating that you donated) and a set of beads (indicating a donation of $10 or more) at the Festival. All the giver has to do is show a member of the Bucket Brigade the confirmation text they'll receive to claim their goodies.

Of course, folks attending the festival can still donate by dropping donations into the Bucket Brigade tubs. And donations are also accepted online at the Festival's website.

The American Folk Festival this year will be on the Bangor Waterfront August 26th, 27th, and 28th with music, culture, dance, food, and more from around the world. The full schedule is up on the event's website, so you can plan your weekend now. Don't miss it!

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