Color Bangor, the fun run/walk that benefits the American Folk Festival, is less than a month away, so get registered now!

If you've never taken part in Color Bangor, you're missing all the fun! Each year in May, runners and walkers take to the streets of Bangor, following a course that winds through the waterfront, and the streets of Bangor, through Bass Park, and back again, wearing white t-shirts. Well, they start out white! But, by the time you're done passing through the color stations, your shirt will be a rainbow of bright colors,thanks to volunteers who will throw or spray non-toxic colored cornstarch onto it!

Once you've completed the course, you're invited to stick around on the waterfront at Color Village, where even more fun ensues, including the Celebrity Pelt! I've been a part of this (victim of it?) for the past two years and, as you can see in the video, none of the 'celebrities' gets out unscathed. It's so much fun, even when the cornstarch is thrown down your shirt! (yep, I was pulling green and orange cornstarch out of places you don't want to know about...but it was awesome!)

This year's Color Bangor is being held on May 14th. You can sign up as an individual, or get your friends and coworkers together to form a team, which will save you money. Registering is easy online, and pre-registering will make race day all about having fun!

All the money raised by Color Bangor supports the American Folk Festival. Each year the Festival brings music, food, and culture from around the globe to Bangor, and it's free admission every day! But it's certainly not free to put on, which is why the organizers came up with Color Bangor, as a way to help defray the costs of the event. So, you get to have a ton of fun, take home a cool and colorful t-shirt as a souvenir, and benefit a huge event that transforms the Bangor Waterfront year after year. Win win! Get signed up now and don't miss Color Bangor!

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