A song about Civil War soldiers by local group, Paul Revere, is being proposed to replace the State Ballad.

UPDATE: Scott Cuddy, who's sponsored the bill, contacted us and clarified that the Roger Vinton song would remain the 'State Song,' while the Ghost of Paul Revere Song would become the 'State Ballad,' if the measure passes.

Maine, currently, doesn't have a state ballad. It does have an official song, that most residents have never heard. 'The State of Maine Song,' by Roger Vinton Snow of Portland dates back to the early 1930's. But now, Representative Scott Cuddy wants to add 'The Ballad of the 20th Maine,' which is a song by the Portland-based band, Ghost of Paul Revere.

Representative Will Tuell told WGME-TV that he feels its possible the public is tired of proposals to create new state symbols, like the recently defeated bill that would have changed Maine's state flag. So far, there's no public hearing scheduled to discuss the state ballad proposal.

What do you think? Should the 'Ballad of 20th Maine' be the new state ballad? Or should we let Roger Vinton Snow's song continue in that capacity? Take our poll below and let us know what you think.

I couldn't find a recording of the Roger Vinton Snow song, with lyrics, so I'm sharing a video of the music. The lyrics are as follows, according to the state of Maine's website:

Grand State of Maine,
proudly we sing
To tell your glories to the land,
To shout your praises till the echoes ring.
Should fate unkind
send us to roam,
The scent of the fragrant pines,
the tang of the salty sea
Will call us home.

Oh, Pine Tree State,
Your woods, fields and hills,
Your lakes, streams and rock bound coast
Will ever fill our hearts with thrills,
And tho' we seek far and wide
Our search will be in vain,
To find a fairer spot on earth
Than Maine! Maine! Maine!


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