Sometimes I have a hard time getting folks to take me seriously when I say that part of my job, everyday, is to spend a certain amount of time on Facebook. Most people spend huge chunks on it anyway, but they run the risk of getting in trouble. Anyhoo.... As I was on my daily cruise around the far corners of Facebook, I came across a post on the Department of Public Safety, Maine Bureau of Highway Safety Facebook page.

In it, they were linking to this article, about whether or not distracted driving laws should also include when you're eating or drinking non-alcoholic beverages while driving. I know from personal experience, I can say that some things are certainly easier than others.

For instance, I don't feel particularly distracted by a cup of coffee while I'm driving, but I find it far more difficult to eat a sandwich or burger from a fast food place. And then if stuff starts falling out of your sandwich or whatnot, that can certainly lead to unanticipated changes in your attention span.

So I went to the Q106.5 Facebook myself, and put up a poll for you guys to have a chance to air your feelings on the subject. The results are in.... 32 of you were in favor of it being illegal, and 207 of you were not. And in the comments, you guys were also pretty open about your thoughts as well. Some even brought up points that some may consider valid as well. For instance, concerning dogs in cars.

And of course, the token wise guy.....

I think all in all we can agree, most of us don't particularly care to have all the fun taken out of a road trip. And sometimes you just have to eat while you're driving. but it is up to you to make sure you're doing it responsibly. If enough people don't, then it may be something we're eventually all punished for. So chew with your mouth closed!!!

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