Brewer High School

As I passed Brewer High School on my way to work this morning, I realized that senior prank season is upon us.

It's interesting the things  you see when you drive to work as early as I do. I've seen cars in the ditch, baby animals treating the middle of the road as their own personal playground, and even a pretty cool fireball. But this morning's unusual site made me laugh out loud and prompted me to turn around and snap a few pictures.

High school seniors are getting ready to graduate and that means it's senior prank season in Maine. The best pranks are the ones that make you laugh, get attention, and don't hurt anyone or damage property. When I was a senior, the prank involved a water tower, a can of paint, and a very prominent declaration of our class.

Now, it's too early to get confirmation from the administration that this was, indeed, a senior prank. But it sure looks like one to me! Congratulations to the Class of 2018 from my alma mater in Brewer, and all other Maine high schools. Enjoy your last few days and stay safe!

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