For years, Mainers loooooved Allen's more than anything.

It's crazy to think that for years, Allen's Coffee Brandy reigned supreme as Maine's adult beverage of choice. Only to be eventually dethroned by Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. But let's be real... If Maine's alcoholic beverages had a mascot, it would undoubtedly be Allen's. It's like lobster and blueberry pie. It's the real Maine.

Fireball may sell more, but it doesn't have the history of Allen's in Maine culture. For instance, if anyone ever cracks a joke about Fireball, it's guaranteed to be a joke that was said about Allen's years earlier and just re-worked to fit Fireball. Let's be real... Compliments are cool, but insults and jokes are more fun.

A post I saw on Reddit got all this started in my head...

I'm not 100% sure if the person was serious, or it was a witty rhetorical question, but u/plante_life posed the basic question, what's in Allen's Coffee Brandy? Naturally, the thread moved in a fun direction. A couple people tried to be serious, but most people began to offer their take on what *might* be included in the ingredient list.

I also put it out to our own social media platforms to get a broader view of it all. And of course, it was all pure gold. But you know, even with all the fun most people poke at Allen's, we all kind of feel connected to it as Mainers. There's no denying it. So, at this time, I invite you to read on and enjoy what Mainers think is the real secret sauce behind our Maine State Mistake Maker.....



Ask A Mainer What's In Allen's Coffee Brandy. See What Happens...

These are perhaps the secret ingredients in Allen's.

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