Dance Party
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Young People In Recovery is holding a Second Chance' prom this Saturday in Brewer for folks who missed or didn't get to enjoy their own proms. 

Anyone who's ever struggled with addiction will tell you that it's consumed their lives. All their focus is on getting their next fix. And one of the sad side effects is that they miss out on key moments in life, either because they chose not to show up, or because they were too wasted to remember it.

So, Brewer's YPR group is holding a 'Second Chance Prom' for anyone who wants to attend. DJ H.K. will provide music 'through the ages' from 8 to 11 p.m. at the Bangor Area Recovery Network, 142 Center Street in Brewer. Folks can bring a date or just stop by on their own. Organizers say it's not about dating, but about having fun in a chem-free, safe environment. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready for some fun!

YPR is a national program that support young people in or seeking recovery. It helps them to get stable jobs, suitable housing, and explore continuing education options. The group meets weekly at the BARN in Brewer. For more information, log onto YPR's Facebook page.  

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