You probably have participated in some sort of charity program this Holiday season. 

Whether it is donating directly to a  charity, or buying someone’s wares so they can donate to charity, or contributing to a child’s fund raising efforts through their school or a team or club they are part of. 

However you contribute, whether it is loose change or a check that isn’t part of the budget other times of the year, bet is you have been a part of the process.


On to the point...

As we hear day after day, hour after hour if you are on social media, the country is so divided.  

We are split into two different outlooks, two different ways of looking at things, and two different thoughts on what we need to do about it. 

But this season proves something. 

And it does each and every Christmas season. 

We may be different in our thoughts and wishes. But we can all unite when it comes to helping others. Especially in Maine, which is very charitable at the grassroots level. 

When it is time to help, we just help. We don’t ask their views on anything. We just do what we do. We do what we feel needs to be done. Regardless of any differences we may have philosophically. Who cares.  That stuff doesn’t matter. 

So why do we let it creep back into our thoughts once Christmas is behind us and we are back to living our lives like we live the 11 other months of the year? 

Why couldn’t we try to be less concerned with how others think.  Less judgmental of other thoughts and opinions. And just be like we are in December and not be any less charitable. 

It might be a thought. 

We have got a couple of weeks to go. Let’s make sure everyone has a better holiday than they maybe thought they were going to. And also hopefully we will all carry the spirit into the future. 

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