A Rockland man who shot an intruder in his home won't face any charges in connection with the incident.

The Knox County District Attorney told WABI-TV that prosecutors couldn't have proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, had the case gone to trial. He said the case would have raised issues of self defense and defense of premises, and would have been a hard one to try.

The decision refers to a case in August of 2015 when 67-year-old Harvey Lembo confronted an intruder in his Rockland home. Lembo uses a wheelchair and had been the victim of break-ins previously, from people looking to steal money or drugs. So the day before the shooting, he purchased a gun to defend himself. When Christopher Wildhaber broke into the apartment to rob him, Lembo pointed a gun at the intruder and told him to sit down. And when the would-be robber tried to run, Lembo shot him. Wildhaber pleaded guilty to burglary last July and is currently serving a four-year sentence.

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