This all began when President Biden, with Governor Mills attending, signed the 'Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act' into law on Monday.

Lots of immediate thoughts were, 'How much of that more than trillion dollars is coming to Maine'. The answer is over a billion to spend in Maine on just roads and bridges.

The money is to be spent over the next six years $1.3 billion sounds like a lot of money. And it is. Not that we average citizens have any idea how much road construction costs. But it is a lot of money in an era where the word trillion is thrown around without the impact a word like that should imply.

Anyway, Mainers, we have some improvement money coming that'll be spent on a few things, like public transportation, airports improvement, drinking water, heating upgrades, and also electric vehicle infrastructure.

We asked on Facebook what roads and bridges that are near and dear to you could use an upgrade, and you answered.

FYI, the most popular answer, by far, was

"most of all the roads in Maine are in rough shape and too many bridges are crumbling to list all of them."

Lots of people took that road.  See what I did there.

"All of them"

That was cited by many folks.

But we also got some more specific answers about where they'd like to see improvement and are sharing those with you.

Thanks to all for participating. Since this is at least a 5-year project, let's watch and put together an updated report card in a year from now. Till then hope your roads get first priority.

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