As summer approaches, so does the onset of tourist and travel season. As traffic increases, so do the accidents. Here are some tips on how to stay safe on US Route 1A.


Dozens of accidents are reported in these 40+ miles every year with some serious or deadly. With fast paced traffic, tons of places to turn, and lots to see, it is easy to see how these accidents could happen. So here are some tips and rules to use when traveling this summer from Bangor to Bar Harbor.

1. Activate Turn Signal Well Before Your Turn

Driver inattention seems to be a big factor in crashes on this road. It is best to give other drivers plenty of heads up before slowing down or stopping when turning. This will help avoid getting bumped from behind.

2. Try Not To Turn Left, Ever

There isn't a single spot on this road where you will be able to cross traffic easily. When the summer traffic is in full force you will need to pray to the traffic gods for a chance to cross traffic. If you do make sure you do it at your final destination as you will never get the chance to cross getting back into traffic!

3. Stay Right Unless Passing

There are many places from Dedham to Bar Harbor where there are double passing lanes. As the signs say, 'Stay Right Unless to Pass'. I can't count how many times I have seen a line of traffic stuck behind a car or camper cruising in the passing lane. MOVE OVER!


4. Don't Get Intimidated

There are always going to be folks in a rush to get somewhere who feel the need to follow way to close behind. Don't feel like you need to pick up your speed if you are doing the posted speed limit. Speed is also a big contributing factor to accidents on 1A, don't be intimidated into going faster than you feel comfortable doing.

5. Know Where You Are Going Before Getting on the Road

It's best to plan out your destination and stops along the way, before you get in the car. This way you can plan to stop at certain places on the way home and avoid crossing traffic twice. Also when you get into Ellsworth, if you don't know the way very well you could find yourself in the wrong lane doing a circle around the Home Depot and heading back to Bangor!

6. Don't Be a 'Looky Lou'

Be focused on driving, on this roads cars stop suddenly, turn without warning, and do daring things like pass in no passing zones. We understand there is a lot to look at when driving 1A, but you can look when someone else is driving you. Driving this road required 100% focus.

7. Have Patience

Like with any high traffic area, you must use some patience to stay sane. Chances are the person who passed you on a hill in Dedham will be sitting right in front of you at a traffic light in Ellsworth. We are all going the same place and it's not a race!

8. Be a Defensive Driver

Be very aware of other drivers, just because you're following the rules as a safe driver doesn't mean everyone else is. Watch for those who cross the center line, or pass on double solid lines. If someone is tailing you or seems agitated, let them pass and carry on.

Do you have any rules for driving 1A in the summer? Let us know and we may add it to the list!

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