Google Fajitas in Bangor Maine and here’s what came up.

Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant, The Ground Round, Las Palapas Mexican Restaurant, Pepino's Restaurant, Chilis. There are probably more. Lots more. Wonder if they all know what day it is today? Wednesday. Good start. The 18th.  Check. But there is something else about today.

First, when was the last time you had a fajita?  Fajitas if you have more than one. For some, probably last night for dinner. And to that “Why didn’t I think of that?"  Today is actually National Fajita Day. So now, what is on your mind?

Only question. Seafood? Pork? Steak? Chicken?  Sorry to not be totally inclusive in this day and age, but is there such a thing as a vegetarian fajita?  Don’t even ask, of course, there is.

Mouthwatering peppers and onions. Tortillas. Going to need that marinade too.

Tonight would be a good night for this.  See you at one of the restaurants, and there sure are lots more of them where you could probably get fajitas depending on the restaurant’s nightly menu.  Maybe though it is time to head to the grocery store with a list in hand because this might not be an idea that can wait any longer.  Let’s have at it.

Happy National Fajita Day.  Apologies to fajitas because you are not getting the culinary respect you deserve. Tonight or any night.  It is time to do something about that.

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