I love all the music (and food!) at the American Folk Festival! But, this year, my favorite performance wasn't musical at all. It was a circus act called 'The Red Trouser Show.' In case you missed it, or even if you didn't, here's one of their cooler tricks!

There were some awesome performances at this year's festival. Wylie & the Wild West had to be one of my favorites and I also loved the music of De Temps Antan. I was a little conservative on the food front, but I did enjoy a blue/strawberry smoothie and some freshly made mini-donuts with sugar and chocolate dipping sauce. Yum!

But, as my son Josh and I headed to our car, we passed the Sea Dog and saw a huge crowd of people clustered around the parking lot. So, of course, we stopped to see what was going on. And...wow! These guys are amazing!

According to the AFF website, David Graham and Tobin Renwick met in 1st grade and started learning how to juggle and unicycle around 4th or 5th grade. By the 8th grade, the boys did a Circus Smirkus summer program together, and when they graduated high school, they decided to skip college and work at Circus Smirkus full time. The pair now performs circus acts together around the world since 1999.

Thanks to the organizers of the American Folk Festival for, once again, bringing so much music and culture to the Bangor Waterfront. It was awesome! And thanks for adding The Red Trouser Show. We loved it!

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