It was another successful Q-106.5 Pine Tree Camp Egg Ride, despite the lack of snow and some very cold temperatures!

Once again this year, the Q-106.5 Egg Riders hopped on sleds that were sitting on flatbed trailers and hauled behind pickup trucks. We committed to wearing the eggs from the Hungry Hollows 76er's Snowmobile Club in Levant to the Newport Armory, and that's exactly what happened...with the help of some very special folks.

Thanks to the Warden Service for leading the ride and blocking traffic at intersections. And to the Wardens and Pickup drivers who kept stopping to check on the riders. It was a really cold and windy morning and there was some concern that hypothermia might be an issue. But everyone obviously layered up and kept warm enough to make it unscathed.

The eggs, however, did NOT make the journey in one piece! Ever wondered what the de-egging looks like? Check out the video, below, to see the 'Shimmy Scramble,' the 'Belly Bump,' and the 'Egg Roll!' Warning - if egg guts make you queasy, you might want to skip it.

Finally, we can say thank you enough to all of you, our amazing listeners, who helped us get close to $20,000 in donations this year for the Pine Tree Camp for Children and Adults with Disabilities! We have the best listeners in Maine, and you prove that to us year after year after year. THANK YOU!

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