I'm a map fan.  Always have been.  I used to love looking at maps when we were on car trip vacations, even though my Dad would lecture me every time I asked for a map to look at, that I had to "fold it back up correctly when I was done".  I'm a AAA member, so sometimes I'll go in and get a free map to look at, just for amusement.

Here's the Q106.5 2019 Egg Ride Map:

Pine Tree Society
Pine Tree Society

We begin at Hungry Hollows 76ers Snowmobile Club in Levant.  Stop at Penobscot Snowmobile Club.  Then we're joined by dozens of Antique Snowmobiles for the last 3 miles of the ride, finishing at the last circled spot on the map, Dysart's in Hermon.  Love to have you participate and any or all of the 3 spots, and/or make a donation here.


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