Instead of putting your cardboard out for garbage collection, take it to the ND Paper Mill in Old Town, so it can be turned into pulp.

Why recycle?

We all know that cardboard is one of those things that you should be recycling. It takes a lot of trees to make one box, so it's definitely worth it to sustain the product and reuse it. But, if your community doesn't offer a convenient way to recycle, what do you do? I've seen this question posed on certain community social media boards over and over again.

Where can I recycle?

Now, there's an answer. You can take your boxes (Amazon and otherwise), including pizza boxes, to the ND Paper Mill in Old Town. They have recycling bins set up specifically for cardboard that will be recycled into pulp, which they will then sell to other companies. The pulp gets turned into packaging materials. So, you're handing over your packages to be recycled into more packages. How cool is that?

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I mentioned Amazon boxes in the title simply because it's the holiday season and so many of us have piles of cardboard in our homes. When I read the notice to the town of Bradley, I immediately thought of the box full of broken-down cardboard in my bedroom, just waiting for me to find a way to recycle it. Now I know how to do it. I'll take a drive to Old Town, check out some Christmas decorations along the way, and deliver my cardboard to the recycling bins near Portland Street.

What are the rules, if any?

There are a few rules like they'll accept pizza boxes, but only if the wax paper and/or plastic pizza savers are removed. They'll take corrugated cardboard, like those Amazon boxes, and paperboard, like juice and cereal boxes. What they won't accept in the bins are things like household trash, newspapers, etc. So now you can start putting all your cardboard into a tote at home. When it's full, grab a coffee, drive to Old Town, drop the boxes in the bin, and voila! You're helping the environment.

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