A case before Maine's Supreme Court could determine whether court-ordered shared custody of pets should include former domestic partners.

When a couple adopts that cute little puppy or kitty, they never think about what will happen if their relationship ends. But it happens every day, and sometimes the arguments about who gets to keep the pets can get pretty heated. Maine's state law allows for a ruling of shared custody of pets for married couples. But what if you're not married, but in a domestic partnership?

This question was posed to Maine's Supreme Court this week, by a woman who wants shared custody of a dog named Honey. WLBZ-TV reports the case first went to superior court, where the judge told Jessica Sardina that the only precedent they could follow was property law. Since her ex's name was the only one on the adoption papers, it was ruled that Honey was his property. She's now taken the case to Maine's highest court, hoping to change the precedent, for herself and other domestic partnerships in the future.

We're interested in what you think. Is this something that should be up to the courts, when a domestic partnership ends, or is it better left to the couple to decide for themselves?

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