A situation that began as a robbery complaint at Brewer Walmart ended in a suspect being fatally shot by police.

A Suspect Ran Into the Woods Near Walmart

The name of the deceased has not been released, at this time.

Brewer's Chief of Police Confronted the Suspect

Brewer Police received a complaint of an alleged robbery at the local Walmart just before 10:30 Friday morning. The caller told authorities that the loss prevention staff had tried to detain the suspect, but that he allegedly brandished a firearm and ran into the woods nearby.

Police Chief Jason Moffit responded to the area and found the suspect. Brewer Police say Chief Moffit issued commands to the subject but he failed to comply. When the suspect appeared to be reaching for a weapon, he was shot and killed.

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The Police-Involved Shooting is Now Under Investigation

Chief Moffit has been placed on administrative leave by City Manager Steve Bost, which is standard protocol in police-involved shootings. The use of deadly force will be investigated by the Office of the Attorney General.

Units from several law enforcement agencies assisted in this operation. Green Point Road in Brewer was shut down for a time while the investigation was underway.

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We'll update this story as more details become available.

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