Take a break from the winter chill by looking through pictures of some pretty cool surfers at Maine's Reid State Park.

What Got You Interested in Surfing?

As a kid, I remember watching surfing competitions in Hawaii on TV with my Dad. I always thought it was a lot of fun to watch, but would have never expected to meet any surfers in my lifetime. I mean, I live in Maine and people don't surf here. Right? Wrong.

I learned how misguided that opinion was when I met my husband about 12 years ago. Jim grew up on the New Jersey shore and spent his summers on a surfboard. I've heard stories about watching spectacular sunsets from the board, while dangling his feet in the water. One story talks about dolphins who swam circles around he and his fellow surfers and how magical that was. It sounded awesome but, again, not anything that people do in Maine. Or so I thought. Then we took a drive to Reid State Park in Georgetown, Maine.

How Do Maine Surfers Deal With the Cold Water?

It was a late summer/early fall day in 2019 and the water was starting to get chilly. I couldn't imagine that anyone would take part in a sport that would repeatedly dump them into the water but, when we arrived, I figured it out. Wet suits were the answer. We went the evening we arrived in town and checked out the beach, watching the waves break as the sun went down. Then early the next morning, we went back, and I saw for myself that surfing is a Maine sport as well.

Why Are You Sharing These Photos in February?

I look through these pictures when winter weather starts to get me down. It's a nice beach break in my day and a promise of what's to come. Kudos to the people seen in these photos who were far too involved in their passion to notice the woman taking pictures from shore. You have my endless respect for braving the chilly Maine ocean in order to ride the waves.

Warm Up a Winter's Day With Some Cool Pics of Maine Surfers

Take a break from the winter chill by looking through pictures of some pretty cool surfers at Maine's Reid State Park.

Illegal To Do This At Maine Beaches

It's summertime and we're all heading to Maine's beautiful beaches. But, there are things that are illegal to do at Maine Beaches so, in order to be helpful, I made of list of some of these weird things that you cannot do at Maine beaches.

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