It's hard enough to find an apartment that'll let you have pets.

For years, I had cats. Not a collection of them or anything, but it seemed like in my younger days living with girlfriends, there were always cats involved. And at times, it can be hard to find a place to live when you have pets. It's easier to find places that allow cats as opposed to dogs, but even then it can still be a pain.

Imagine trying to do that on a college campus? In all my years on this mortal coil, I've never personally heard of a college that would allow pets of any kind on campus. I've heard about clandestine efforts to keep them. Like a hamster in a cage or whatnot. But imagine having a cat box in a dorm room?

These times, they are a-changin'...

Well, maybe if you're still looking last minute for a place to go, the University of Maine at Fort Kent has done just such a thing. They're experimenting with allowing folks to bring their pets with them this fall when they attend school, according to this bit from WABI earlier this summer.

Recognizing that a lot of folks are having a tougher time than ever with mental health issues, the University decided it might be a novel approach to making their students feel more at home. Initially, it's limited to a small number of rooms, in one dorm. But they say they could easily add more if the demand is high enough.

Maybe it's too late for you for this year, but there's always next year. college can be stressful enough on it's own, but maybe having your furry buddy from home can help ease the burden. I know my dog makes everyday better. Let's hope this program becomes the new standard for other colleges.


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