Deep down, I think I might be an amateur bird watcher. My wife kinda teases me about it, too. I'm always on the lookout for hummingbirds especially, because at our house, they never seem to come around. So it always feels like a unicorn just landed in the front yard. I like regular birds too, but the wee hummers are the funnest to watch.

Anyhow, a friend of hers is an avid hiker and maintains a blog about all the different spots he goes hiking. And recently, when he was sojourning about the Kenduskeag Stream area in Bangor, he came across a peregrine falcon feasting on a pigeon. And like a genius, he snapped a killer photo. I would've just stood there like an idiot until the thing flew away.

What I personally found most interesting about this, is that it likely means that there are peregrine falcons nesting somewhere here in the Bangtown area. I know in other parts of the state, the peregrines had to be moved, and it caused highways and roads to close. Three trails in Acadia had to close because of nesting falcons. Apparently, Bangor falcons are hardcore, so they don't need no stinkin' protection.

Photo: Eric Hafener

Really, there is some truth to that statement. Just a couple weeks ago, there were two bald eagles fighting over a squirrel in my front yard. So the raptors are out in full effect, and don't seem to be too scared of anything. I mean, they gotta eat, so they're gonna go where the food is. Even if it's downtown. Or at my house.

You know, maybe I've got this all wrong. Here I am complaining about not seeing enough birds, and now I've got two american icons of freedom, fighting over roadkill, in my front yard. That's at least gotta be as cool as seeing hummingbirds.

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