Paul Wolfe loves his new glasses from Mainely Eyes. He also loves his new sunglasses from Mainely Eyes. But what if you didn't have to switch back and forth between glasses and sunglasses?

With this beautiful Maine summer in full swing, Paul Wolfe is taking a look at the new Transition Signature Gen 8 lenses as his new, perfect summer accessory.

Paul learned all about new advances transition technology while visiting Mainely Eyes at at 663 Stillwater Ave. in the Bangor Mall. The lenses get darker than ever, but return to 100-percent clear much faster when indoors. There's no more distracting tint!

Now, Paul does not have transition lenses right now, but his next pair just might be the Gen 8 so he doesn't have to switch back and forth between glasses and sunglasses. That's convenient!

Right now, you can take advantage of 50-percent off frames when you mention Paul Wolfe in store, and get your new frames fitted with Transition Signature Gen 8 lenses.