Mainely Eyes in Bangor is THE place to find the perfect pair of sunglasses.

When you come to Mainely Eyes, their goal isn’t to sell you a pair of sunglasses as quickly as possible. They want to design the perfect pair of sunglasses for your vision, lifestyle and hobbies. That's what they did for me when I recently visited the store at 663 Stillwater Ave. in the Bangor Mall.

The knowledgeable staff took time to answer my questions and learn more about what I wanted out of my eyewear. Then, they made recommendations that matched my needs as well as my budget.

Here are five things to keep in mind when choosing your perfect pair of shades:

1) The Right Fit: Just like eye glasses, sunglasses come in many different shapes and sizes, as do people. You want to make sure that the right pair of sunglasses not only look great but also fit right when it comes to the shape of your face. The optical experts at Mainely Eyes will help you narrow down your choice to your absolute favorites, and will make sure they are adjusted and fit correctly before you leave with your purchase.

2) Fit Your Lifestyle: Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Spend a lot of time on the open road? The right pair of sunglasses for you must fit your lifestyle, from performance and sportswear, to casual wear, as well as sunglasses for children that block 100 percent of harmful UV rays.

3) Pick The Right Lenses: Polarized or mirrored? Prescription or non-prescription? There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to the right lens for your new sunglasses, from the protection they provide for your eyesight, to the freedom of not having to wear contact lenses with your sunglasses. Mainely Eyes carries many lens options and will help you pick out the best option for your new sunglasses and your lifestyle.

4) Avoid The Cheap Alternative: Still wearing the same sunglasses you picked up at the checkout counter at the corner store? One of the biggest reasons to invest in a nice pair of sunglasses is for the protection they provide from harmful UV rays. Most cheap alternatives offer no protection and do more harm than good when it comes to the health of your eyes.

5) Check The HUGE Selection At Mainely Eyes: If you need a new pair of sunglasses, Mainely Eyes is your one-stop location for both prescriptions and non-prescription sunglasses for adults and children. Mainely Eyes carries sunwear from brands such as Oakley, RayBan, REVO, Fossil, Vera Bradley, and Wiley X. With a wide variety of brands as well as polarized and mirror lenses, they have everything you need to find sun wear that matches your lifestyle. For babies and toddlers, they carry Baby Banz and Kids Banz for non-prescription sun protection.

As a bonus for my listeners: Mention "Paul Wolfe" in the store and receive $15 off your complete pair of glasses or non-prescription sunglasses! Offer valid until June 15.

Now, I want to know what you think: Which pair of sunglasses do you think I should get from Mainely Eyes? I like them all!