Glasses frames? Check.

Crystal clear lenses? Check.

Sweet sunglasses? Check.

 Now what?

Just when I thought I had seen it all at Mainely Eyes, I was pleasantly surprised the other day. What I thought were some rugged looking sunglasses were actually safety glasses. Mainely Eyes carries a bunch of safety and sport glasses, and who knew – they are actually come with some style points.

I'm an avid hunter and like to frequent the local shooting ranges when I have some free time. When I’m at the range or in the woods, I’ve always had to wear bulky safety glasses over my regular glasses. Pretty annoying and distracting. But not anymore.

I found the perfect pair of shooting glasses at Mainely Eyes. Check out these awesome shooting glasses — rugged, sturdy — and they couldn’t look less like safety glasses. What’s better is I had Mainely Eyes outfit them with my prescription and special polarized lenses that will cut down on glare and help me see better even on a cloudy dark day.

I can’t wait to use these new glasses during hunting season, and if you're sick of wearing big, bulky safety glasses for work or play – head over to Mainely Eyes and they can fit you with the perfect pair. Just tell ’em Paul Wolfe sent you!

Paul Wolfe Finds Safety Glasses with Style at Mainely Eyes