First, the reason Townsquare Media participates in Ton O Pasta is simple. This time of the year, food pantries tend to run low on food.

Everyone is asked to help around Thanksgiving and Christmas but as winter rolls on, the need is just as great.

So that’s why we ask you to help out this Saturday.

Scott Miller and Cindy Campbell will be at the Hannaford in Brewer. The pasta collected there will be donated to OHI and the Brewer Area Food Pantry. They assist food-insecure residents in Brewer and Eddington.

And they serve more than 900 households. Two-thirds supported by the food pantry are seniors and children.

Also at Brewer Hannaford, the folks from All Points Insurance will help collect pasta. You can talk insurance, pasta, or hockey with the Fitzpatricks. Thank you to All Points for stepping up and serving the community.


Q106.5 sister Townsquare Media Bangor stations will be at Hannaford locations on Broadway in Bangor, on Union Street in Bangor, and in Ellsworth.

All pasta collected helps local community food pantries serve all those that rely on their assistance. If you drop off pasta at one of the other Hannaford locations, let them know you are a Q106.5 listener. After all, this is a 'friendly competition'

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Ton O Pasta was named because the goal the first year, 20 years ago, was to raise one ton of pasta. And pasta, because a box of pasta will make a meal for a family. Last year, over 6 tons of pasta were collected, thanks to you.

Hope you can participate Saturday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at your local Hannaford

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