Folks who went to a Waterfront Concerts show this year, may have taken advantage of that sweet new parking garage by the newly built Bangor Savings Bank. What you may not have known at the time, was that you were also raising some big money for local charities.

'Parking for a Cause' was a program where all the proceeds that came from people paying $20 to park their car in the garage, were donated to 18 local charities. And the final total for the season wasn't too shabby at all. The total haul was $45,000.... all going to local non-profits.

Kate Rush, Director of Community Relations for Bangor Savings Bank, said this to WABI - TV5:

It was really great, too. We had such a positive experience with the whole program. We were unsure, being our first time, and our first session with the concert series. It was definitely a positive experience. It exceeded our expectations in a number of ways.

Rush said they also learned a lot through the trial and error, but will take all they've learned, and do it again next year. So when you're headed down to see whoever they get lined up for next year, remember that for a mere $20, you could have rock star parking, and help out local charities right in our area.

Sounds like a win-win!

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