Two men, who were overdue from their canoe trip on the Kennebec River, were located alive at the Madison Family Dollar store.

The Maine Warden Service reports 22-year-old Jake Cyr of Guilford and 31-year-old Tyson Bell of Dixmont started their trip from Bingham Saturday evening, camping Saturday and Sunday nights on the river, portaging both the Solon Dam and the first of two dams in Madison. When family members hadn't heard from the pair since Sunday morning, they became concerned and contacted the State Police on Monday morning.

It wasn't long before family members heard from the men, whose phone had died while on the trip. Cyr and Bell went to the Family Dollar store in Madison and bought a phone charger, recharged and restarted their phone, and were flooded with concerned messages from their loved ones. The men notified their family members, who quickly contacted the State Police and let them know that they were safe.

Officials say both men were operating their own canoe and did not have proper lifejackets with them. Maine Warden Corporal John MacDonald advises everyone heading outdoors to let someone know where they're going and when they plan to return.

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