Orrington's local Cub Scout pack is making sure voters are well-fed with ready-to-heat meals for sale outside the town office.

I've lived in Orrington for 11 years now and, although I'm originally from Brewer, consider it my hometown. The people are extremely friendly, always neighborly, and ready to help out whenever someone is in need. So it doesn't surprise me that the folks who are guiding the kids in Cub Scout Pack 44 in our town are teaching them this go-the-extra-mile community spirit.

What Are They Selling?

There are a lot of bake sales outside polling places, so people can grab a cookie or a cupcake as they stand in line, or on their way out the door. And don't get me wrong, those are great. But the Orrington Cub Scouts have taken it a giant step forward by offering meals. Not hot dogs and hamburgers. They have shepherd's pie, mac 'n cheese, stuffed shells, beef stew, and more for sale. The meals are not hot because let's face it, they wouldn't stay that way for long considering the volunteers are set up outside the town hall. But most of the food comes with simple instructions on how to heat it up.

Why Are They Selling Meals?

This way, people who think they don't have time to vote and cook dinner won't have to worry. They can serve their families a home-cooked meal tonight that was lovingly prepared by one of their neighbors. It's a brilliant idea and a delicious one too.

Thanks to the members of Cub Scout Pack 44 and their parents. We greatly appreciate your efforts today.

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