Orono's police chief is hoping to turn the focus of Maine Day from partying to a day of community service.

I wasn't much of a party girl when I went to the University of Maine, but I remember that there were many students who considered Maine Day a great excuse for all-day parties. And, in recent years, those parties have extended to off-campus apartments and houses that disrupt neighborhoods and generally cause major headaches for law enforcement.

Now, Orono Police Chief Josh Ewing is hoping to change that. WABI-TV reports Ewing told town officials on Monday night that he wants the focus of the day to be on philanthropy and community service.

He says it will take a couple of years to 'change the culture' because the party theme is so ingrained in the students now, but it is a worthy cause. Ewing says the police force has doubled it presence around campus and have made several arrests for alcohol-related issues.

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