Orono Police have some tips for homeowners after a break-in was foiled when the crooks realized someone was home.

The break-in happened in the early morning hours of January 21st, at a residence in an Orono neighborhood. The homeowners woke up to the sound of their doorbell, almost immediately followed by the sound of breaking glass. When they responded to the sounds, they found suspects inside their house. They told police the suspects fled the scene once they realized that the residents were home.

Police say there are a few things homeowners can do to avoid this kind of situation. Leave the outside light on, if at all possible, and keep a light on inside the house, even after going to bed. This will signify to possible intruders that the house is occupied. In addition, police say all doors and windows should be kept locked, even when there are people in the home. If anything suspicious happens, they advise calling police immediately.

Anyone who's planning to be away for a period of time should notify police when the house will be empty. Officers will make every effort to check on the residence regularly, to watch for anything suspicious.

Criminals are often looking for an easy opportunity to steal. So it's a good idea to also keep your vehicles locked at all times, even when they're sitting in your driveway. Take any valuables out of the vehicle, including wallets, purses, electronics, CD's, and the like. Anything that you need to leave in the vehicle should be hidden from sight, by tucking it under the seats, in the glove compartment, or locking it in the trunk.

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