There are lots of things in Bangor that can immediately conjure an image in the mind. If I say Paul Bunyan, you immediately picture that giant statue. If I said Standpipe, the same thing would happen. Your brain has these things seared right into it. If you add the holiday season to that mix, what would be some things that immediately come to mind?

Naturally, some might say the big tree lighting downtown, but others will quickly say the Hathaway Christmas light display up in Judson Heights in Bangor. It's the gigantic one that also has a low-power FM radio signal synced to it, and the lights sync up with the Christmas music being played on the radio.

However, they've sold their house in that neighborhood, and so making the trip up into Judson Heights to see all the flashy-flash, is coming to an end. Rick Hathaway put out a post via Facebook that was shared by the Bangor Area Scanner page. However, the good news is, the last line suggests that they'll be continuing the tradition in a new location.

That was a huge sigh of relief. Some things you always hope will last forever, and this is one of them. They made a point to thank their neighbors too. I can speak to that, as I used to live around the corner. It's a compact little neighborhood, and the extra traffic was bananas sometimes. But it was for such a great cause, no one ever complained.

The Hathaways always placed a donation box near the road that folks could put money into, and all the funds collected were donated to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, also known as the NICU. The Hathaways have strong ties to the NICU and have been very generous for years.

It'll definitely be the end of an era in a way. Sure, they'll have new digs, and new lights. But this is where it started. Change is always a bittersweet pill to swallow. But the important part is, they bring people a lot of joy. And at the same time, also raise money to a lot of good. And all that put together, is awesome.

Check out this video. It shows what the spectacle is really all about it. It's pretty amazing.

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