The U.S. Attorney's Office has released body cam photos of a New Year's Eve machete attack on NYPD officers, allegedly made by a Wells, Maine teenager.

Trevor Bickford, 19, is facing multiple charges for allegedly assaulting three New York Police Officers with what officials called a machete. The officers sustained non-life-threatening injuries and Bickford suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder during the attack.

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A picture of the weapon released by the U.S. Attorney's Office calls the weapon a kukri. Collins Dictionary defines a kukri as a knife with a heavy, curved blade often used in Nepal for hunting and combat.

What Do the Pics Show?

Also released in the complaint against Trevor Bickford are two images pulled from the body cameras worn by the police officers involved in the attack. The images are blurry since they were taken during the struggle.

In one, you can see the kukri and what appears to be a slashed piece of clothing.

In the others, a suspect is visible that resembles Bickford.

Do Officials Have Any Idea What Prompted the Attacks?

The complaint states that two bags were recovered, allegedly belonging to Bickford. Among the items they contained were at least two copies of the Quran, among other books relating to Islam. There was also a journal with an entry stating that it would likely be the last. The writer stated to whom they wanted to bequeath their belongings and that they wanted a traditional Muslim burial.

Federal officials began investigating the Maine teen in December 2022 after family members expressed concerns about his behavior. According to the complaint, family members said that Bickford had recently converted to Islam and was frequenting Mosques in Maine and New Hampshire. In addition, he had allegedly expressed a desire to travel to Afghanistan and join the Taliban but decided not to travel overseas, instead opting to wage jihad against the United States.

Trevor Bickford faces 18 charges, including multiple counts of attempted murder.

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