New details have been released about a double homicide in Lewiston that left two dead, including that no one is being charged.

When and Where Did this Take Place?

New details have been released about the deaths of Mohamed Sheikh, 30, of Auburn and Keyt Hussein, 23, of Lewiston, who died on Sunday, July 30th. Lewiston Police responded to a shooting complaint on Knox Street just before 10:30 that night and found two victims. One person died at the scene while the other died after being transported to Central Maine Medical Center. The men were taken to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Augusta, where it was determined that both Sheik and Hussein had died of gunshot wounds. Their deaths were categorized as homicides.

What are the New Details?

An investigation into the circumstances of the shooting determined that the two men were involved in an escalating feud during the days leading up to their deaths. Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss says on the night of the incident, Mohamed Sheikh found Keyt Hussein sitting in a parked car on Knox Street and walked up to the vehicle. Hussein tried to exit the car, but police say Sheikh met him and began shooting him multiple times with a pistol. As Sheikh was shooting Hussein in the front of the vehicle, Mohamed Liban, 24, of Lewiston was sitting in the backseat. He stuck a pistol out of the rear window and shot Sheikh multiple times.

Why is No One Being Charged for the Deaths?

The Maine Attorney General's Office has reviewed the case and has determined that Liban shot Sheikh in defense of Hussein and so no charges will be filed.

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