Similar to the 'Tough Mudder' fun run, this four-mile race will have you swimming, climbing, and jumping in mud.

Robert Gray, Getty Images
Robert Gray, Getty Images

On July 1, this new adventure course will be full of muddy runners. The Wicked Muddy Mainer announced on their Facebook in March that the Town of Orrington had given its approval to the race.

This race is not only four miles of mud but it has muddy hills, muddy pits, muddy obstacles, and more! According to the event's Facebook page:

If you think other Mud races are "Tough" or "Muddy", you better start training now, because I promise, you've never been through Orrington's Mud!

You can register for the July 1 event here. To stay up to date with new information on the run follow The Wicked Muddy Mainer on Facebook.

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