Plans are underway for a new terminal at the Presque Isle International Airport.

New Terminal Planned to Replace 1950's Structure

The new and modern facility will replace the existing terminal that was built in the early 1950’s as a Air Force fire station, according to WAGM.

Facility Built to Handle Passengers Load

Scott Wardwell is the Presque Isle Airport Director. He said the new terminal will be able to handle the number of passengers visiting the airport. The FAA has told PIA that the square footage of the existing terminal is about half the size needed.

Funding from Federal Aviation Administration Grants

A majority of the funding for the new facility would come from the FAA and several grant programs. The Presque Isle City Council was given a presentation of the new plans in February 2023.

Modern Design for Service and Convenience

A new terminal will feature a check-in lobby with baggage handling. Concessions are also part of the new project development. Wardwell said the plans are mostly designed and ready as the airport applies for grant money.

Projected Project Date

A projected date for a finished project could be as early as mid 2025.

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