A food pantry that serves the people of several Hermon-area communities is in need of a place to put their new trailer facility.

What Do They Need?

It's really a good-news-bad-news type of situation. I chatted recently with Carol Lackedy with the Neighbors Supporting Neighbors food pantry in Hermon, who told me that the organization needs to vacate the building that they're currently in. Neighbors Supporting Neighbors is operating out of the old Family Dollar location in Danforth's Plaza, but they have to surrender the space to another organization on August 1st.

  • Good news - They have a 60X12' office trailer that will be their new home, for the next year-and-a-half, so they're not exactly out on the street. The trailer has been generously funded by locals.
  • Bad news - They have no place to put the trailer and are scrambling to find a space for it.
  • Really bad news - They're scheduled to be out of Danforth's Plaza on August 1st, so the need is crucial. Carol says they may be able to push it, a day at a time, but they'd rather not since it wouldn't be fair to the group set to move in on the 1st.

Carol says they're hoping a local business will step up and offer a portion of their lot.

It needs to have an outdoor power source, and if there's any businesses that have an extra space in their yard, or someplace where we might be able to put this for the year while we raise money to build our own place.


Do You Have a Strong Back and Want To Help?

In addition to needing a place to put their trailer, Carol says they also need some people as soon as possible to help move everything out of the current location. She says they're especially looking for people with strong backs, who can move shelving and other fixtures into an 18-wheeler, that's been donated.

How Do We Contact Neighbors Supporting Neighbors?

Neighbors Supporting Neighbors has been helping Hermon and surrounding communities for 17 years, providing food, clothing, and other supplies to those in need, and now could really use some assistance and support in return. If you think you can help, contact Carol through the Neighbors Supporting Neighbors Facebook page, call or text 299-5186, or email clackedy@yahoo.com.

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