It seems about every six months now, I have a new reason to tell you how over-the-top tough Mainers are. We've written about a woman who drowned a rabid raccoon with her bare hands, that attacked her. And other occasions of people fighting off bears, and killing more raccoons. It's nuts!

This past Tuesday night, down in Bowdoinham, a woman found herself in a situation that got out of hand with a fox. After she was bitten outside, the fox started chasing her neighbor's dogs, and ran right inside the woman's house. Luckily, her neighbor and his son chased the fox inside. The man managed to hold the fox down, while his son killed the fox with a shovel. A freakin' shovel. That's quick thinking.

According to the Associated Press, the fox also had porcupine quills stuck in it's face, which almost certainly added to it's already violent behavior. Right now, the fox is being tested at the state Health and Environmental Testing lab. Over half a dozen animals from that area have tested positive for rabies this year, so far.

But seriously, this guy and his son are awesome. Probably all of us wonder if we can think quick enough in a situation like that. And luckily for this woman, these guys were on the case.

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