Lots of things going on right around Shaw’s Supermarket on Main Street in Bangor.

Right across the street, you’ll hardly recognize the Maine Savings Amphitheater if you haven’t seen all that is going on for this summer.

Now Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center is looking to further spruce up Bangor.

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If you’re an artist, this wall could be yours.


First if you are not familiar with Together Place, here is their building, 3 or 4 blocks away, at Union Street and 2nd Street


The project is called “An Optimistic Vision Inspiring Neighborhood Recovery”.

Together Place is offering a $3,500 contract to a professional artist in Maine to create a mural. That’s a big canvas. And it will become another visual that locals and visitors will see.

The money is coming from local grant contributions.

And the process is already underway. Here is the information from Together Place

This is a two-fold project. All who see the finished product benefit from more public art in the city, and those that are a part of the artistic project benefit with being involved in something very positive during their recovery process.

Win – Win.

The deadline is June 3rd for entries and then Together Place has a committee to select the artist and members to assist the artist with the creation of their vision leading to the final product – another  artistic landmark for Bangor.

In a very high traffic area.

And speaking of Together Place, today (17th) at 10 a.m. is their annual 2nd Street  neighborhood clean up.  Meet at the 2nd Street Park to help.

Maine Savings Amphitheater 2022 Concert Line-Up

Here is who is coming in concert in Bangor along the waterfront this summer.