Mud season has arrived, prompting the closure of the historic Carriage Roads in Acadia National Park starting Friday, March 19.

Warm and wet conditions have returned to much of Maine. Acadia National Park has closed the Carriage Roads for mud season. The closure protects the gravel surface of the road during the spring thaw. Park officials say walking, bicycling, and riding horses in such conditions can cause ruts and potholes that channel water and exacerbate erosion.

In a news release, Superintendent Kevin Schneider says, "We’re asking all visitors to help protect the historic carriage road system and prevent costly repairs by cooperating with this temporary closure."

The park's 45-mile network of carriage roads, along with the associated coping stones, gatehouses, stone-faced bridges, and other features, are the best and most extensive example of broken-stone roads in the United States.

Other closures in the park include the Loop Road to vehicular traffic. Jordan Cliffs Trail, Precipice Trail, and a portion of the Orange & Black Path is closed to public entry until further notice, as peregrine falcons begin nesting.

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