Here I sit in a t-shirt and shorts, reading about the most iconic fashion items in Amercia. Who cares, I know. But for some reason I got curious as to how people would respond in the survey

Just outside the Top 5.

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Ugg Boots.  Soon.  Too Soon. But we'll be breaking out the boots all too soon.

Also on the list, Converse Chuck Taylor's. These don't look quite like the originals that came in black or red.


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Gotta love those Ray Bans

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Let's get to the Top 5. Drum Roll please. At #5, Louis Vuitton luggage. You know, like you have seen at the airport, but don't own

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#4 (That number has me thinking of Bobby Orr). But on this list, Polo Ralph Lauren shirts.  The picture is either of Ralph Lauren, or my closet

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Number 3 on the list of fashion items, our second shoe, Nike

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Levis's Denim jackets are at #2

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So what's left.  What could be #1.  First let me tell you the same survey was done in England and #1 on their list was the Mini-Skirt. Hello Twiggy.  But #1 in the good ole U.S.A. isn't the mini-skirt.


It's jeans. Levi's 501 jeans to be specific.  Okay, now what's next to waste 10 minutes while we're supposed to be working?  Oh, here's something.

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