A hunter from Woolwich, who went missing on Rockport Island, has been found alive but very hypothermic.

Corporal John MacDonald says game wardens were alerted to the missing man just before 5:00 Monday afternoon. Members of his hunting party on Rockport Island told wardens that 58-year-old Donald Merrill  was overdue and they were concerned, since he'd had some recent health issues.

With the recent snow, wardens began to track Merrill off the Files Point Road, following his trail for more than a mile. Merrill had reportedly traveled over some wet, uneven terrain, and had obviously started crawling on the ground. The track led to Baker Road, where they found Merrill a short distance into the woods at around 9:30 p.m. He was very hypothermic and so was transported to Mid Coast Memorial Hospital in Brunswick by Rockport Island Fire and Rescue. Officials say it's expected that Merrill will make a full recovery.

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