John Palmer and his wife Sonja have been talking to a lot of friends and family since their video of "buttery, flaky" outtakes went viral this week.

"They come up to us and say, 'That ad was awesome,'" Sonja said. "They got such a kick out of it."

So did a lot of other people.

As of Monday morning, the video had more than 500,000 views on YouTube, and the Palmers had fielded calls from friends and relatives near and far telling them they had watched the video online or on their local newscasts.

The eventual commercial that produced the funny outtakes was for Dysart's Truck Stop & Restaurant, where the couple likes to stop most mornings around 7:30 to have some coffee and donuts. In the video, John struggles to say “buttery, flaky crust,” and Sonja, insisting she can do better, has her own troubles. (You try it. It's not that easy.)

Anyways, the result is classic Maine humor that makes you miss your funny, friendly grandparents.

"I thought I really screwed up, but it was a lot funnier than we thought." said John, who like Sonja, is 74 years old. "I just said to everybody, 'I am who I am.''"

As for the whole YouTube-fame thing, John, who is retired from the composing room at the Bangor Daily News, hasn't really paid much attention.

"I hate computers," he said. "I don't have a computer. I do I think they're good for business, but I'd just as soon sit here and watch television."


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