I know we've been hearing about this for many, many years but we might actually be right around the corner from the opportunity for you and I to go into outer space. Sir Richard Branson from the Virgin Group predicted we might be just 'weeks' away from the first journey.  He predicted that a half dozen years ago too. But wow, can you imagine. "Where you going on vacation?"  "Outer Space".

Cindy talked on the air about visiting Cape Canaveral as a kid and them saying that someday soon you'd be able to go on space ships as a passenger. Maybe that day is near. Cindy would go in a heartbeat.  I wanted to know first what snacks would be aboard, and if I could watch the game on TV up there.

Would you go?  Don't put too much thought into it, because the cost is going to be prohibitive to all of us. But forget that. If you could, would you?  Meet George Jetson, His boy Elroy, Daughter Judy, Jane his wife.

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