A fire in Springfield this week is a good reminder not to work on a vehicle while it's parked close to others.

It sounds like a situation you'd see in a comedy or on a sitcom. But it's not so funny when it happens in real life. The fire originated with a car that was sitting in a line of other vehicles, reportedly behind a department of transportation garage in Springfield. Someone was working on a vehicle, parked in that line of vehicles, and a spark flew into one of the other cars, lighting it on fire. From there, it spread very quickly down the line of vehicles.

Springfield Fire Chief Landon Fry summed it up best when he told WABI-TV, "Accidents happen."

According to the Maine Forest Rangers Facebook page, seventeen vehicles were damaged by the fire. The good news is that there are no reports of any injuries. The Springfield Fire Department and Maine Forest Rangers were assisted at the scene by the Maine Warden Service.

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