Hancock County officials arrested two people from Texas for a scam in which they claimed to be from a well-known online security company.

The Suspects Were Arrested in Surry

Laterrion Taylor, 38, and Kozaa Burns, 36, were arrested in Surry. They're charged with criminal conspiracy and criminal attempt.

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The Set-Up for the Scam Involves an Alleged Erroneous Deposit

Imagine you're contacted by two people claiming to be employees of McAfee Protection and told that the company has accidentally refunded $30,000 into your account, and then told that they need to get that money back. A compassionate person would feel bad for these two employees who made an honest mistake and would want to help them.

This is what happened in Hancock County. According to the Hancock County Sheriff's Office, Taylor and Burns allegedly hacked into a computer system and falsely claimed that they had refunded the victims a sum of $30,000. They contacted the victims, asking for the funds to be returned.

They Were Caught When Law Enforcement Was Alerted to the Scam

The victims had withdrawn the money from their bank, but the Hancock County Sheriff's Office, with other state and federal agencies, intervened before any money could change hands. Undercover officers set up a meeting with the crooks, under the pretense of collecting the reimbursement funds, and then arrested them at the meeting place. Taylor and Burns were taken to the Hancock County Jail.

Hancock County Sheriff's officials say this is a good reminder to use caution when dealing with unsolicited communications, whether you receive them via phone, computer, or mailbox. Anything suspicious should be reported to your local law enforcement agency before money changes hands.

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