So, people from the Pine Tree State weren't good enough for you, eh?

According to a recent article at, people generally marry others from their home state.  But, when Mainers turn to those "from away" to hitch up with, what state do they usually come from?

Turns out we don't stray too far away from home.  The folks at Time looked at data concerning "interstate marriages", and determined this:  Mainers are the most compatible with those from New Hampshire, where it's12.7% more than likely than the national average that people there will end up married an out-of-stater. image image

There must be something in the water in the Granite State, because those from Vermont and Massachusetts when marrying someone from out-of-state are more than likely to walk down with a person from New Hampshire.

This writer is originally from Connecticut and I married a girl from Maine.  Been here for 40 years, and she still calls me flat-lander.  The graph told me that I should have hitched up with someone from Vermont, maybe that's where I went wrong.



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